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{Nancy Putkoski Bio} – Age, Net Worth, Career, Husband, Suicide, Wiki

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{Nancy Putkoski Bio} – Age, Net Worth, Career, Husband

Nancy Putkoski is the ex-wife of Anthony Bourdain. Furthermore. Anthony is a famed chef and American based television actor and author.  Nancy is best known as the high school sweetheart and ex-wife of Anthony Bourdain for more than 20 years. She has studied in Dwight-Englewood School. Putkoski Nancy and Anthony have met in Dwight-Englewood School. {Nancy Putkoski Bio} – Age Net Worth Career Husband Suicide Wiki

Nancy Putkoski: Quick Facts

Full Name:Nancy Putkoski
Marital Status:Divorced
Spouse:Anthony Bourdain

Who is Nancy Putkoski?

Nancy Putkoski is popular for being the first and ex-wife of Anthony Michael Bourdain who is famed chef and TV personality and author. Most people are quite aware about popular tv personality Anthony Bourdain but very few aware about his ex-wife Nancy Putkoski.  She was married to Anthony Bourdain from 1985 to 2005.

How her husband Anthony Bourdain died?

On June 8, 2018, the world comes to know that famous, culinary celebrity Anthony Bourdain had made suicide  by  hanging himself in the bathroom of his hotel room in France. It’s a sad fact that he was found alone and unresponsive by his friend chef Éric Ripert.  Many people described him as man who loved “great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink”.

Love, Marriage

Nancy Putkoski sparked her love life in her college days. She first met the famous chef, Anthony Bourdain in high school, where Putkoski was the “bad girl” and was part of the “druggy crowd.” In an interview to dailylife.com.au on February 2012, Anthony Bourdain said “Nancy and I spent over two decades together, either as a couple or married. She was my partner in crime, my wife, and before that my girlfriend. There was plenty of love there. We went through a lot of times, many of them great, many of them bad. It’s that simple – or that complicated.”

Nancy Putkoski Bio Age Net Worth Career Husband Suicide Wiki

Cause of Divorce After 20 Years

Their love blossomed after the marriage but could not last for long. The explanation for that is Anthony’s full life and  shooting outside and he can not spend much time with the family. They got married and turned themselves into husband and wife in 1986. 

After writing Kitchen Confidential in 2000, Anthony Bourdain was offered a TV deal. Anthony Bourdain spent almost two years travelling and filming A Cook’s Tour. It become the main cause of their divorce.

Life After The Divorce

After her failed marriage to the famous chef, Nancy went completely off the radar, leaving everyone who wanted to keep a tab on her life and subsequent relationship in the dark. However, while she disappeared from the media, her former spouse, Anthony, remained in the news. He got married again just two years later. He tied the knot with a mixed martial artist named Ottavia Busia in a wedding ceremony which took place on April 20, 2007.Nancy Putkoski currently seems to be single and not dating with any possible boyfriend as there lacks any news to confirm.

Nancy Putkoski And Her Late Husband’s House

Late Anthony Bourdain and Nancy Putloski purchased an apartment house for $3.35 million in January 2014. The apartment is 2,250 square feet from the Carnegie Hill Tower The house comes with a doorman, a garage and a fitness center. The house was on sale in September 2018 for a whopping $3.7 million.

Net Worth Of Nancy Putkoski

Nancy managed to keep her private life confidential. Nancy never appeared in front of the camera after divorcing from Anthony. There is no data about her career and profession that showed her net income and value. 

However, Anthony has an estimated net value of $16 million. Chef Anthony’s television shows and books had gained a considerable amount.

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